Chairs Rental

Chairs Rental


Chair Samsonite Garden Plastic *black* *set Up Not Included*

Black Folding Chair


White Samsonite Folding chairs

White Folding Chair


Chairs Resin Padded White *set Up Not Included*

Resin padded chairs


Sillas de Maderas Plegables

Sillas de madera plegables para facil almacenamientoModelo: CT002


Chiavari Chair Gold Resin *set Up Not Included*

Gold Chiavari Chair


Chiavari Chair Mahogany Resin *set Up Not Included*

Chiavari Chair


Cross Back Chair Drifting Wood (No Cushion Included)

Cross Back Chairs


Chiavari Barstool Rentals

This elegant Clear Resin and Silver Aluminum Chiavari Barstool is the latest and most perfect entry to the party rental equipment industry. It is both beautiful and strong. The aluminum legs provide the strength that previously a clear “resin-only” barstool could not provide. We have all wanted a resin barstool for years, but it could not be done until now.

Chiavari Barstool Rental Information:

• Color: Clear / Metallic• The clear resin chiavari barstool has a uniquely colored aluminum leg structure.• The design allows the colors to blend for a single material appearance.• The clear resin chiavari barstool has a non-stick, anti-static finish.• UV treated paint prevents fading and discoloration.• No sanding, repainting or staining needed.• Perfect for the indoor and outdoor events.• Capacity (static vertical load): 200 lbs.• Chair Weight: 10.50 lbs. (Ultra-light, Ultra-Strong Design)• Chair Height: 46.00“• Seat Height: 30.00“• Seat Dimensions: 15.75” Width x 15.50” Depth.


Peacock Chair Natural Wood



Rustic Bar Stool

Rustic Bar Stools Rentals Features:
-Vintage hook waterproof seat & seat top-Swivel Bar Stool-Black powder coating-Actual 18 gauge & 1.4 mm thickness with pure metal-Adjustable height-Colors: Walnut and Black.-Material: Wood and Metal.


Taburetes para la renta

Taburete de acero color negro. Tamaño: 13 "Asiento. 38" Altura. 29 "Altura del asiento. Peso: 12,5 librasModelo:


Cushion Polyester Black



Cushion Polyester Ivory



Cushion Polyester White



Cushion Satin Gold



Cushion Satin Silver